IWTRC2023 Student Travel Support

IWTRC travel support for students:

TRC will provide travel support to Asian students interested in studying at a TRC member’s university and attending the IWTRC. The requirements are as follows:

1, Fill out the attached application form.
2, Become a TRC International Member.("What is a TRC International Member?")

We encourage applicants to make their presentation at the IWTRC; however, we will also accept applications from students who wish to attend without presenting. In the latter case, please note that the possibility of receiving support will be lower.

IWTRC Travel Support Application Form

Please fill all the below items within 2 pages, send to the IWTRC secretariat (iwtrc-info[at] ynu [dot] ac [dot] jp) by August 30, 2023.

3, Full name of applicant and current affiliation.
4, Brief CV after entering the university.
5, Name, affiliation, and e-mail address of recommender.
6, Travel support requirement. Add tic(s) for needed travel support items.

( ) Round-trip air ticket
  In case yes, please write the name of the nearest airport you will be flying to Tokyo.                                       
( ) Accommodation fee for three nights at Yokohama

7, Brief introduction of the applicant’s current research(es) related with typhoon and/or tropical cyclone.
8, Brief research plan in a TRC member’s university in Japan.