The 2nd IWTRC
November 27th and 28th, 2024
Yokohama National University, Japan

Message from the Conference Chair

Hironori Fudeyasu, Professor
Director, TRC,Institute of Multidisciplinary Sciences, Yokohama National University

I am Hironori Fudeyasu, Director of the Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences, Yokohama National University.
Following the great success of our inaugural event last year, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the second International Workshop on Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center (The 2nd IWTRC), to be held on November 27th and 28th, 2024. Our first IWTRC was a monumental success, bringing together over 120 participants, including more than 40 international researchers, in a fruitful exchange of knowledge and ideas that has significantly contributed to the advancement of typhoon science. This year, we continue our commitment to fostering the next generation of typhoon scientists by providing travel grants to young researchers and students, enabling them to attend and contribute to our discussions.
We are honored once again to host a roster of esteemed speakers and to facilitate open discussions that will surely enrich our understanding and stimulate further advancements in typhoon research. As we prepare for another engaging and productive workshop, I extend my gratitude to all participants, our distinguished guests, and the supporting organizations that make this event possible.
Thank you for your continued interest and support in advancing typhoon science and technology. I look forward to another successful gathering and the opportunity to further our collaborative efforts.
Best Regards,
May 10, 2024

Pioneering the Future: TRC's Mission

Advancing Typhoon Research for a Safe and Sustainable Future.

The Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center (TRC) was established in October 2021 as the first typhoon-related research institute in Japanese universities. The TRC has two primary objectives: to contribute to the formation of a safe, sustainable, and vibrant society by reducing the risk of typhoon disasters, and to aid in the achievement of a carbon-free society through the utilization of typhoon energy. The TRC is a research hub committed to pioneering new academic disciplines related to typhoons and accelerating the social implementation of new related technologies.
In 2021, the Director of the TRC, Professor Hironori Fudeyasu, was selected as the Project Manager for one of the core research projects of Goal 8 in the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)’s Moonshot Research & Development Program. This project, entitled “Typhoon Control Research Aiming for a Safe and Prosperous Society,” is a component of Moonshot Goal 8: “Controlling and Modifying the Weather: Realization of a society safe from the threat of extreme winds and rains by controlling and modifying the weather by 2050.”
To further promote these activities in line with this project, the TRC has decided to organize a new annual international workshop, the IWTRC, starting in 2023.